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About the founders

Céline and Sandra believe that French designers have a first class presence in fashion and haute couture across the globe. This has caused them to branch out into spirits and styles sometimes rock, fantasy and retro, but always with a very chic, French touch.

They have dreamed up a website to match their style, enabling all fashionistas to gain access to the most beautiful Parisians and international showrooms. This website allows designers to show off their catwalk creations even before they enter their own stores. What could be more special than to wear a piece of clothing you saw on the catwalk before anyone else - something you saw and simply had to have?

For people who are passionate about fashion, this website is set to become the best place to go to find out about new talents, follow the major fashion shows and keep up with all the fashion news. This is what has made My Beautiful Dressing what it is today.