Malone Souliers

Malone Souliers


The founders of the brand Malone Souliers are Mary Alice Malone, the creative director, and Roy Luwolt, the managing director.

Mary Alice Malone was born and raised in the heart of the Pennsylvania
countryside. Soon, however, her desire to create grew too loud to ignore and she enrolled in art school in Colorado. Mary Alice found her skill in her hands – and eye – settling into her vocation as a "maker". This talent and craftsmanship came to rest in the design of shoes, and Mary Alice’s own interest in this oft-fetishised and revered icon of the woman’s wardrobe.

As a child of an American diplomat, Roy Luwolt spent his childhood in over forty-five countries, giving him a unique perspective on both business and wold affairs. On graduating from the revered Eli Broad College in Michigan state, he began a career as a luxury brand strategist in both Fashion and Finance corporations. As managing director, Roy brings his panoply of international experience to the lauch and expansion of Malone Souliers.

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